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Michael C. Gibson and Marc A. Sullivan are the partners responsible for developing and executing client strategies.

Michael C. Gibson

Mr. Gibson is a partner in Reef Points Capital and has more than 14 years of direct asset management experience in both Real Estate and other financial instruments. He has managed debt and equity placement restructuring and transactions for Real Estate in NY, Washington, Southern California, Missouri and Texas for both private clients and public institutions. His primary focus throughout his career has been to stabilize or reposition distressed assets and portfolios. Mr. Gibson is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He has completed post graduate work at New York University in Real Estate Finance and Accounting.

You can contact Mr. Gibson directly at mgibson@reefpointsadvisors.com

Marc A. Sullivan

Mr. Sullivan is a partner in Reef Points Capital and has 9 years of direct real asset experience ranging from distressed asset management to financial management of international real estate developments in the US and Germany. Mr. Sullivan has managed public investment and private equity funds in excess of $2 billion with direct responsibility of portfolio valuation and reporting to shareholders and the SEC. He has completed approximately $450 million in real estate financings in both the United States and Germany as well as completed approximately $480 million in real estate acquisitions and developments nationwide. Mr. Sullivan holds a BBA in Finance and an MS in Real Estate from the University of Texas.

You can contact Mr. Sullivan at msullivan@reefpointsadvisors.com