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Advisory Services

Distressed Asset Management & Stabilization

We have created, executed and realized tremendous success for our clients in managing distressed assets. With every client, we carefully evaluate the asset, the current market conditions and the needs of the client in order to provide the best possible solution for the asset. Since inception, we have been instrumental in negotiating dismissals of legal actions, stabilizing assets, and generating positive movement in otherwise stagnant portfolios and assets. We have significant experience in executing these strategies for individuals, private equity groups, and a Fortune 100 company.

Acquisition, Investment and Portfolio Management

At Reef Points we have provided advisory services to public and private clients that are seeking to acquire additional assets, diversify investments and seeking additional advisory support for existing real asset portfolios. Services we have provided include due diligence and underwriting, market analysis, portfolio analysis, disposition support, closing support, equity and debt oversight, and repositioning solutions.

Equity and Debt Restructuring

Often the best advice we give our clients is that working with their existing equity partners and lenders is the best possible solution. We have executed successful restructurings of debt and equity that included negotiated discounted note purchases with various national and regional lenders. These restructurings have been pivotal to the success of both our clients and their debt and equity partners ensuring future relationships.